Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I am a self-taught photographer with an eye for detail. I got my first camera at age seven and have been shooting obsessively ever since. To me, life is all about shared moments with the people you love.  It’s the shared experience that resonates most strongly with me, and that is what my style of photography is all about.  I want to capture genuine, open, and honest and aesthetically beautiful moments for my clients, so that they can look at these images in the days and years to come and remember what it felt like to truly be living their lives.  In order to stay true to this aesthetic, I spend less time posing my clients, and more time helping them to feel comfortable enough to just be themselves in front of the lens.  The end result are photos that more candidly capture real emotions.  If this sounds like your style and you’re interested in inquiring about a session, contact me today!